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6 Tips for a Safer Restaurant

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John Doe goes to work one morning at the family-owned restaurant on the corner at which he is a server. He’s wearing his everyday sneakers—they’re a little old and worn but no big deal, no one looks at your footwear of choice in a dimly lit restaurant right? As he pushes aside the swinging twin doors to the kitchen he’s caught by the surprise of a recent spill one of the prep cooks made on the floor and hadn’t had a chance to wipe-up. With the slip of a step, John’s worn out sneakers take ...
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November 8, 2007 – Reno, Nev. – EMPLOYERS® (NYSE:EIG), a leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance, today announced a new partnership with the California Restaurant Association (CRA) through which CRA members can purchase workers’ compensation insurance with a special CRA membership discount.
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