Friday, June 23 2017

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Three Things to Look Out For when Reviewing a Workers’ Compensation Loss Run Report
A loss run report is an important tool that provides business owners a clear picture of their claims history and shows how losses can potentially contribute to increased premium costs. For this reason, a loss run report is one of the most important documents to regularly review and understand. If you notice any discrepancies or have questions about the information reported in your loss run report, contact your agent or workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
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According to the Coalition Against Insurance fraud, claim-related Fraud cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Claim-related fraud can be perpetrated by an employee, a medical provider or vendor, or the policyholder. It typically occurs when an employee falsely claims a work-related injury in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Here are five proactive steps business owners can take to promote workplace safety and reduce potential claim-related fraud.
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While no one wants a workplace injury or illness to occur, there are common steps business owners need to take if and when one does occur. When a workplace accident occurs, time is of the essence. The first priority is to prevent additional injuries to the extent possible, and then seek medical attention for the injured employee(s). Once all parties are safe, an incident report should be filed with your workers’ compensation insurance company.
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EMPLOYERS Launches Coventry/NT24 Hotline to Help Florida Small Businesses Manage Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
EMPLOYERS®, America's small business insurance specialist®, has launched Coventry/NT24, a 24-hour hotline staffed by registered nurses who are specially trained to provide medical guidance over the phone for work-related injuries or illnesses. Coventry/NT24 is staffed by English- and Spanish-speaking nurses with accommodations available for other languages and is available to EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation policyholders in the state of Florida.
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A human resource manager has many duties including recruiting and hiring, serving as a link between employees and management, and evaluating worker performance. Perhaps the most complex issues HR managers deal with concern workers’ compensation insurance. When a worker is injured on the job, HR managers may be required to deal with workers’ compensation administrators, claims adjustors, doctors, and attorneys.
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The New Hazcom Standard

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Will Your Workplace be Safety Compliant by the December 1, 2013 Deadline? As of December 1, 2013, OSHA—the Occupational Safety and Health Administration—is requiring workplaces nationwide to have employees trained on the newly issued Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), also known as the Hazcom Standard. The deadline is to be the first in a series of phase-in effective dates required under the revision.
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