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Don’t Get Caught Red-Handed

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Don’t Get Caught Red-Handed
Three ways to help avoid policy-related fraud.
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Because every business has different needs, a workers’ compensation insurance carrier or agent can provide personalized guidance on how to maximize the value and control the costs associated with their workers’ compensation policy.
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According to the Coalition Against Insurance fraud, claim-related Fraud cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Claim-related fraud can be perpetrated by an employee, a medical provider or vendor, or the policyholder. It typically occurs when an employee falsely claims a work-related injury in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Here are five proactive steps business owners can take to promote workplace safety and reduce potential claim-related fraud.
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More than 1 in 10 Small Businesses are Concerned Their Employees Would Commit Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud, Study Finds
A new poll by EMPLOYERS® (NYSE: EIG), America's small business insurance specialist®, found that more than one in 10 small business owners (13 percent) are concerned that one of their employees would commit workers’ compensation fraud by faking an injury or illness in order to collect benefits. It also found that nearly one-quarter of small business owners (24 percent) have installed surveillance cameras to monitor employees on the job and that one in five (21 percent) business owners feel unpr...
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Video: Help Prevent Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud
The keys to help prevent workers' compensation insurance fraud claims are: Awareness, Prevention, and Identification. Learn more about how EMPLOYERS helps its policyholders stop fraud in the workplace.
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Occasionally companies try to save money by avoiding payroll taxes, workers' compensation and unemployment insurance costs, or employee benefits. Sometimes a business will try to do this through the act of deliberate Employee Misclassification. Businesses may falsely classify their employees as independent contractors, or they may intentionally misreport the actual job description. An example would be reporting warehouse workers as office clerical workers.
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